A decade ago, a half-hearted blogger, amateur photographer, self-proclaimed audiophile, basic yoga trainee and aspiring analyst decided to put down his thoughts on investing. It was a journey that led to a lot of writing, a lot of thinking, some high level intellectual discussions that seek to understand the truth of matters, how the world works and how to strategize solutions to solve complex problems.

Mostly though, it was about detailing the investment philosophies and learning that has been passed down by value investing gurus such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, David Einhorn and Howard Marks. In the original introductory words,

This blog aims to correct the common perception of investment equals speculation in Singapore and strives to promote value investing, share accurate information, interesting ideas and useful knowledge on investments, in particular, equities or stocks in Singapore.

Today, rebranded as 8% Value Investhink, this site aspires to be a value investing/critical thinking knowledge eco-system with the goal to share knowledge, help understand investing and finance, and help develop critical thinking skills. One important objective would be to help others understand the concept of value and avoid overpaying, especially for property.

Why 8%? This is a question frequently asked. 8%pa refers to the long term average return of global stock market indices. The US S&P500 index has returned 10% per annum over the last century, but most other global indices have not had such good track records. So, it was reckoned that to beat global indices, an 8% return per annum would be a good target.

In reality, to achieve 8% return per annum over very long time frame like 30 years or more is a very tall order. It means increasing the original capital by 10 folds. Even Warren Buffett would not be able to meet this criteria very soon as a result of his large portfolio (now a few hundred billion dollars). Nevertheless, we should always aim for the stars (or maybe more like aiming to climb Everest). In short, strive to be the best that we can be.

8% Value Investhink, the new name, comes from the components: 1) 8%, 2) Value, 3) Invest and 4) Think. It incorporates the philosophies of value investing and critical thinking which hopefully can help us navigate well in today's world of short-termism. In the past, discussions have focused on investing and relevant finance knowledge. This would be further enhanced to incorporate a Facebook and Google Plus community, investing, finance and critical thinking workshops, alliances with other finance related businesses/websites and content contribution from fans and other thinkers. 

To sum up, the mission of 8% Value Investhink would encompass:

1) help everyone master critical thinking skills
2) share knowledge and information
3) learn about value investing and in the broader context, gain better financial literary
4) Build both online and offline eco-systems to achieve the above

If you would like to be part of our eco-system to learn, share and discuss investing and critical thinking. Do drop an email to xtam.sg@gmail.com and "Like" our Facebook Page below for constant knowledge sharing and events updates.

We are also jumping on the mobile bandwagon, so do send a whatsapp to +65 8119 6429 and you can be added into a chatgroup where we share investment tips and ideas. Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Hi!

    I have an idea that might interest you. Company is called Straco Corporation Ltd, it's listed in Singapore. Most of the its profits come from China (2 aquariums), and another significant contributor is the observation wheel in the Singapore Marina Bay.

    My original write-up is here https://netosnotes.blogspot.com/2019/07/background-straco-corporation-develops.html and I recently revisted it here https://netosnotes.blogspot.com/2020/02/revisiting-straco-corporation.html.

    Miguel Neto