Monday, March 19, 2018

Tangible Thoughts #3: Sg Condo vs US Island

In the US, one can buy an island for $8.7m while in Singapore it might not even pay for a toilet in a condominium? Something to think about yah? 

Excerpt from the news below of the most expensive condominium in Singapore.

GUOCOLAND will release later this year (2017) the super penthouse in its 99-year leasehold Wallich Residence project in Tanjong Pagar which supposedly has an auspicious-sounding price tag of S$108 million.

While the 21,108 square foot triplex is the highest residence in Singapore - the 64-storey tower in which Wallich Residence is located is 290 metres high.

But this is not to say that Singapore property is too expensive, it is another vindication that we have become the playground for the global rich and famous. Prices will stay exorbitantly high, just like the other playgrounds: Monaco, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Bermuda amongst others.

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