Saturday, August 01, 2009

Best Of The Best

This is an updated list of stocks screened out by some value factors, like less than 2 yrs of negative free cash flow over the past 10 years, high dividend over the past 10 years etc.

Sorry I have no clue as to how to make the image bigger, so pls click on it to see the whole damn table.

The ratios you see are also 10 year average ratios, hence they will look different from what you get in most places. This is adhering to what Ben Graham taught. Looking at the performance of the company over a long time frame to smooth out any economic cycle, boom and bust that the co. went through, and most importantly bring down the no.s especially if the company had had spectacular growth in the last 1-2 yrs.

My personal top pick is Cerebos Pacific, Brand's Chicken Essence rules man! More on this next time.

And finally, disclaimers, buying stocks listed here won't guarantee that you will make money. If really these stocks here can make anybody rich, I won't be blogging here my dear!

Anyways, do take a look and see if you agree these are the best of the best listed on SGX!


  1. What is OPM in your table? operating profit margin?

  2. Yes it is operating profit margin

  3. Nice, where did you get this from?

  4. This is a stock screen from Bloomberg using some value factors like only 1 yr of -ve FCF for the past 10 yrs, dividend yield greater than 0, etc.