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Value investing, at its core is the concept of understanding the true intrinsic value of companies (or other form of investments) and hence knowing when to buy and more importantly, knowing when not to buy - when things are overvalued (like the Singapore property market in 2012). It is analogous to the pursue of pure knowledge and getting to the truth of matters.

The purpose of 8% Value Investhink is to apply the concepts of value investing to help everyone make good investments and avoid bad ones. It is this writer's belief that investing and in the broader context, financial literary is something that everyone can learn and master.

The world would be a much better place if more people understand the concept of "value" and value investing. With more people adopting the value philosophy, less money will be unduly lost and/or unduly gained by perpetuators such as Singapore property developers and Bernie Madoff.

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This page is an extension of this post: Start With Why.

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