Updated Dec 2022

Value investing, at its core, is the concept of figuring out the intrinsic value of companies and understanding market dynamics and hence knowing when to buy and more importantly, knowing when not to buy when things are overvalued. 

It is analogous to the pursue of pure knowledge and getting to the truth of matters.

8% Value Investhink aims to apply the concepts of value investing to help everyone make good investments and avoid bad ones. It is our belief that investing and in the broader context, financial literary is something that everyone can learn and master. With more people adopting the value philosophy, less money will be unduly lost and/or unduly gained by perpetuators.

As such, we have started a paid subscription at at USD5 per month to share investment ideas and our views on valuations and the markets. We publish one investment idea per month and put real money where our mouth is. The first idea was published in Dec 2022.

We will also use the chat to discuss market trends and trading ideas. Please join us on substack!

Huat Ah!

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