Friday, December 30, 2022

Introducing Substack

I was introduced to Substack, a platform for writing and found it very complementary to the current blogspot space. Substack also has an app and allows for podcasts, chats and can help foster the discussion better. As such I have created which will have posts from the current blogspot space (free) and also discuss investment ideas and strategies (paid subscription). Please sign up for the free subscription to give it a try!

Going forward, the blog will continue to discuss investment thoughts, charts, books, financial basics while the Substack will focus on value added posts. We will also track and publish the track record of the ideas, discuss lessons learnt and invite readers to contribute as well. This is the power of Substack, which allows for deeper interactions and collaborations.

I believe that a simple successful investment process depends on:

1. Good insights and initial due diligence

2. Discussing the idea with other like minded investors to uncover plotholes in the investment thesis.

3. Buying at the right valuation

4. Monitor and sell when valuation is rich

This blog and Substack will help with all the steps but step #2 is where everyone can chime in to discuss and help refine investment ideas which will create investment returns for everyone. We hope you can continue to support us in this effort and huat together!

Here's wishing all readers happy holidays and a good 2023 ahead!

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