Friday, July 07, 2023

Charts #49: HK property prices

I recall thinking HK was the ultimate litmus test on whether property in Asia always goes up. With all the issues, protests and 2047 - full return to China looming, can prices actually hold?

Over the last few years, data has shown that what goes up must come down. On the broad aggregate basis, prices have fallen 5-7%. Amongst the developed cities in Asia, it is by far the worst performing city on a 5 year basis. 

A closer look at the price index chart shows that the drop is worse. From the peak of the index at 400, it has dropped c.15%. That means that some properties could be deep in red, having fallen 30-40%. Those owners could be in a lot of financial trouble.

Our own little red dot has done well so far. But we never know. My advice would be, don't trade your only property. Don't be too greedy and over leverage on multiple properties and in today's interest rate environment, pay down that mortgage fast!

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