Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy National Day!

Singapore turns 48! We have come a long way, though still young as a nation. I would say that Singapore had a few hiccups in the last ten years or so but nothing insurmountable. There is a lot of hope that things will be better.

The timespan of 48 years is a also a good period to think about investments. After all, we don't live forever and companies don't stay as they are forever. A lot of companies don't survive for 48 years. Great companies are built to last. Some of them can do well for 30, 40 years. But to be the leader in its field for much longer, it takes much, much more. This is why there is only one company still in the Dow Jones Index today since the index's inception a hundred years ago.

Well, food for thought.

Meanwhile, found an interesting story drawing parables in Singapore's education system. It's called Nanyang Butterflies. Link below.

Happy National Day!

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