Sunday, February 11, 2007

Labels: How this blog is organized

This will be a post on how this blog is organized. Thanks to the improvement in blog technology, we now have something called Labels which comes in quite handy. Labels are like different categories which can be used to organize all the different posts on this blog. Some posts are included in more than 1 Label, and the organization may baffle some readers. Pls feedback if you can. Currently I have 11 Labels: 5 Easy Labels and 6 Super Chim Labels.

General (14 posts): Well nothing more to describe, in this label I talk about general stuff related to investment and how I think is a good way to manage our own personal finances.

Value investing (12 posts): This is the crux of this blog, value investing talks about one style of investing that has been proven to be successful and made some individuals very rich, like our hero Warren Buffett.

Investment philosophy (7 posts): This is the guiding principle of one's investment career. I discuss about how it should be developed and followed. You can subscribe to the value investment philosophy, in which case this blog will serve you best. But if you believe in a different investment philosophy, personally I think it's also ok.

Stock market basics (6 posts): Very related to the General label, a few key points on how we should view the stock market. Is it a voting or a weighing mechanism? And what are the idiosyncrasies of the market? Quite a good label to start with if you are first time here.

Bubbles and Crashes (5 posts): This label deals with bubbles, Greater Fool Theory, MLMs and other crazy stuff in investment and in life. Not so techical as well.

So that's all for the fun labels, below are the highly technical labels where most people will fall asleep reading and usually I fall asleep writing them.

Financial Statement Analysis (17 posts): It's never easy to make money, if you want to gamble, buy Toto or 4D or bet soccer matches. Investment is about hardwork and analysis. This is for those who want to make real money. If you like to punt stocks, err, well you can still read, it helps you fall asleep. Ok, enough. This label is the nitty gritty on how to read annual reports and analysis if a company is good or crappy. It will probably take a lot of time to digest them. Can email me if you need help.

Financial Ratios (7 posts): The sequel to the label above, more analysis and more math. Not for punters and people thinking of buying stocks to make a quick buck.

Company Analysis (3 posts): After knowing the very basics, we move on to more qualitative ways to analyse companies, this would still be technical but less so than those 2 nightmare labels above. Actually apart from the 2 nightmare labels, the rest should be quite readable for the layperson.

Industry Analysis (3 posts): Companies make up industries and this label talks about how to analyse industries. This will help investors to learn about new fields and discover new investment ideas.

Quantitative Analysis (2 posts): Talks about how to use technology to screen for stocks, DCF and scenario analysis. The more technical/math part of investment.

Portfolio Theory (2 posts): Looks at some academic work on portfolio management, efficient markets and how to apply them in real life. Will be adding more to this section.

So basically that's currently what's on this blog. I would say that's the rough 40% of the knowledge you need to start off. The world and the markets are constantly evolving and as investors, you have to keep up with the changes to earn your worth. It's never easy and it should not be. This blog will continue to be updated as and when I have new ideas (and time to write).


  1. thks for yr compilation. i really like yr blog very much.

  2. Hi 8%! How's things been? I've been too busy with other stuff to be blogging lately. Glad that you are still active blogging and sharing your insights!

    Tried to make new post today but can't access the url. Irritating! The new blogging system really sucks! Do you have similar problems?

    Here's also wishing you prosperous new year! Huat Ah!