Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Charts #27: Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck's seminar work has resonated ever since I found it on Google. It links back to work, education and personal improvement. The FT chart below is a keep.

We might have seen how fixed mindset people trap themselves in their own bubble. By ignoring feedback, they are locked in their own deterministic world. The way to defeat them is then working hard on our own growth mindset. Find lessons that move us forward and widen the gap between us and them.

This could be continuously reviewing the options, working together with like minded peers and innovating much faster and better than fixed mindset people who tend to work alone. We must also be vigilant and not slip into fixed mindsets ourselves. As the Marines would say,

"The only easy day is yesterday!"

Merry Christmas! Huat Ah!

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