Thursday, June 08, 2006

About the Blogger

This post is updated in 2014.

Thank you for wanting to know more about me. If you made it to this hidden post, you really tried hard enough. Much appreciated. I am Jay Chan. I am a self-proclaimed half-hearted blogger, photographer, audiophile, watch lover but more importantly, I am an aspiring analyst on value investing, critical thinking and other subject matters. I am also a father of two playful Singaporean kids.

I love to think about things and am constantly trying to improve my thinking. I enjoy high level intellectual discussions that can help me understand the truth of matters, how the world works and how to strategize solutions if there are any at all. Outside of investing, I have also thought deeply about Singapore's education system and our property market (still related to investing though...). 

My interest in investment started in my university days and I have invested in stocks for more than 12 years. Being a typical Blood Type B (i.e. disorganized but passionate), I have not tracked the performance of my stock portfolio and it could be a Herculean task to try to that now since the number of transactions are probably in the hundreds and some of the records are probably gone. My portfolio is very focused on dividend stocks (but not necessarily high dividend) and the current dividend income amounts to five digit in SGD annually. My long term goal will be to be able to sustain my lifestyle with dividends and for my portfolio return to achieve 8%pa, the original name of the blog.

8% Value Investhink, the new name, comes from the components: 1) 8%, 2) Value, 3) Invest and 4) Think. It incorporates the philosophies of value investing and critical thinking which I hope can help us navigate well in today's world of short-termism.

I have been asked why the low hurdle? In reality, to achieve 8%pa over very long time frame like 20 to 30 years is a very tall order. It means increasing the original capital by 10 folds or more. Even Warren Buffett would not be able to meet this criteria very soon as a result of his large portfolio (now a few hundred billion dollars). He said so himself that he would soon lose out to the S&P for the first time ever. Nevertheless, I hope to achieve is long term goal, as I do subscribe to the motto: we should be the best that we can be.

My portfolio holds 30-40 stocks and ETFs which are listed both in Singapore and in the major global markets.

This 8%pa blog started out as an avenue for me to pen down my thoughts on value investing which I also wanted to share with readers. Over time, I have blogged about property, education, global stocks, major countries and economics. It is also my intent for this blog to evolve into a knowledge hub to help others.  

One important objective would be to help readers apply the concepts of value investing to make good investments and avoid bad ones. This is especially crucial in the current property craze (in 2013). I hope to help more people avoid overpaying for one of the most important purchases of our lifetimes. The Property label contains some of my views.

It is my belief that investing and in the broader context, financial literacy is something that everyone can learn and master. In that spirit, I hope to be able to do more in future to help improve the financial literacy of Singaporeans and hopefully of global netizens as well.

This is me.

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